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Bench Dog Bench Cookie work grippers are versatile, non-slip bench pads that lift, grip, and protect your work. With their high-friction rubber surfaces and durable cores, they prevent projects from slipping as you plane, sand, carve, assemble, and more. They can also elevate your work, providing clearance for routing or finishing jobs. Available in packs of four, these convenient accessories are a must-have addition to any workshop.

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Product Description

Bench Canine Bench Cookie work grippers are versatile, non-slip bench pads that raise, grip, and give protection to your work. With their excessive-friction rubber surfaces and sturdy cores, they keep away from initiatives from slipping as you airplane, sand, carve, assemble, and extra. They can additionally bring up your work, providing clearance for routing or completing jobs. Available in packs of 4, these convenient add-ons are essential addition to any workshop.

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Bench Cookies
At A look:

  • Bristly, rubber-padded surfaces ensures that projects may not slip
  • Provide a stage floor for planing, sanding, assembly, and extra
  • Raise the workpiece for additional clearance, making facet routing and finishing convenient
  • Durably designed for lengthy-term use
  • Non-marring design protects the floor of the task

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Use the bench cookies to cozy a workpiece in location. View better.
Rout edges and get quite a lot of clearance. View better.

Non-Marring Rubber Floor Securely Holds Workpieces
Each Bench Canine Bench Cookie is lined with a non-marring, bristly rubber pad. Similar to the fabric discovered on most router mats, these excessive-friction pads assist grip initiatives firmly in location. For instance, if you’re planing a bit of timber, you can use Bench Cookies to create a balanced floor that may not slip.

These Bench Cookies have such a powerful grip, in reality, they will securely hang a workpiece in the event you’re sanding with a 60-grip belt. And as a result of their non-marring design, Bench Canine Bench Cookies may not leave at the back of ugly marks like clamps regularly do.

Pads Deliver Clearance for Routing and Completing
In addition to protecting your workpieces in location, Bench Cookies additionally work to bring up your initiatives. Measuring three inches in diameter and one inch in top, they supply you additional vertical clearance and take in minimal surface enviornment. They provide a trouble-free choice to clamping and let you rout the perimeters of a workpiece with quite a lot of clearance to spare.

They additionally make finishing a bit a good deal simpler, as you are in a position to freely brush and polish the perimeters of your wood with out obstruction. For the finest outcomes, always use 4 bench cookies to bring up or stabilize your task.

About Bench Canine
Bench Dog started in 1995 with the basic idea that extraordinary equipment are the outcomes of wise design and strong engineering. Since then, Bench Canine has incessantly grown, thanks to the awareness and enthusiasm of consumers, trade publications, and the woodworking group at giant.

Bench Dog deals a turning out to be line of router tables, safety add-ons, and equipment for builders and do-it-yourselfers. Bench Canine items are used by using woodworking specialists, intermediate hobbyists, schools, and serious novices who are searching for equipment of uncompromising fine and price.

What’s in the Container
Four bench cookies.

Freely brush and polish the perimeters of your workpiece with out obstruction.

  • Rout, sand, cut and carve without the use of clamps
  • Raise up workpieces for convenient edge completing
  • Support initiatives with out leaving marks
  • Assemble initiatives on a sturdy, non-slip base


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